Thursday, November 09, 2006


pages 16, 27, 29

The color of the sky
The color that could make you fly,
The color of water
The color that is loved by your daughter.

Monday, November 06, 2006


The 1920's- One thing that I really like about the 1920's was the flourishing economy in the United States at the time. People were investing tons of money and getting huge returns on their investments. Also, the standard of living was rigorously improving during that time and it seems like people were just enjoying life back then because most people were doing so well financially. Unfortunately that success and happiness was short lived as a result of the the Great Depression which took place immediately after the 1920's begining in the early 1930's.

Thursday, November 02, 2006



Beyond this point is a lake with burning brimstone itn it. It may seem like and ordinary or even at sometime a pleasant lake, but DO NOT go past this point because danger awaits you. The burining fire in the lake is extremely hot and it will cause you an agonizing death. Only fools will enter.


If you continue walking from this point, you will find weak spider webs for a floor ahead. Thes spider webs are not even strong enough to hold a falling rock. Some say that between the webs and the next surface are the deep pits of hell. It would not be wise to continue walking. Only fools will enter.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

First Paragraph of Monologue

Abigail Williams

As you may or may not know Mary, today is the one month mark that John Proctor and I became lovers. Oh how I miss the days that John and I used to look at each other from a distance and we knew that whatever feelings were expressed were more than just passion or lust but that it was actually love.

What Everybody Owns

Computer - I think that everyone owns a computer because it is such a vital part of technology for everyone these days. The reason I think this is because it is the easiest way to internet access and the internet is something that everyone is connected to nowadays. Everyone has an e-mail address, and everyone knows and uses the internet for instant information at anytime, so that's why a computer is something that everyone (at least in the class) owns.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prompts in Class Assignment

1. Dear John,
Hello, my name is Ezra Safdieh and I'm writing to you to ask you about why you thought you could get away with committing adultery with Abigail? Also why did you end up confessing it in the end if you were trying to hide it all along? I want to know this because the whole time I thought you wer trying to hide it and then you ended up telling everyone anyway. I dislike the fact that you cheated on your wife and then decided to cover it up. And then after you covered it up so well then you ended up admitting it anyway, if youre gona cover it up then you have to do it until the end, and not tell everyone.

4. Abigail - Being a Puritan in New England is terriblr because you have to abide by all of these strict regulations and you could never just let loose and have fun. Unless you know how to get by like me....

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Voice of Mistress Hibbins on The First Scaffold Scenes

When Hester Prynne walked down that eerily long path to the scaffold, I thougt to myself "wow, she must have a lot of guts to commit adultry so nonchalantly like that. Maybe she could come to the forest with me one of these days and I'll teach her a trick or two about witchcraft? I can't believe that she did what she did and is now being shamed for it in front of everyone. If she only knew how to hide her sins well like I do then she wouldn't have to suffer with public rejection for the rest of her life. Such a beautiful woman like that should be praised for her courage and for her beauty, and not be scorned for her passion. Yet maybe she's not as evil as I now think of her to be, and maybe it was just a mistake. Maybe it just happened in a time of great passion and love and it wasn't meant to be out of sin or self induldgence? Whatever it was it definitely ups my thoughts about her and how she doesn't care about how people think of her. If only I possessed that quality...."